Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Event Hijabee Talented Muslimah

Talk show Suci utami @ Gramedia Expo surabaya

i'm with Inarovi 
She has a good voice
When she was 3 to surabaya event that must be met and its place in the city different

This is my photo with whom?
you know guys?
yes i'm photo with suci utami
She was pregnant and very energetic
love suci utami :*

This is my style at the time of the event Hijabee Talented Muslimah
3-4 august @ Gramedia Expo Surabaya
I always wear hijab amellescarf
and I really like using black color

long did not meet with them
really miss you guys

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  1. wow ,talented muslimah ,i or we as muslimah hope to be talented muslimah ,nice blog andnice to know your blog to


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