Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Event Hijabee Talented Muslimah

Talk show Suci utami @ Gramedia Expo surabaya

i'm with Inarovi 
She has a good voice
When she was 3 to surabaya event that must be met and its place in the city different

This is my photo with whom?
you know guys?
yes i'm photo with suci utami
She was pregnant and very energetic
love suci utami :*

This is my style at the time of the event Hijabee Talented Muslimah
3-4 august @ Gramedia Expo Surabaya
I always wear hijab amellescarf
and I really like using black color

long did not meet with them
really miss you guys

Friday, August 3, 2012

You are So Sweet

hello blogger I get the most beautiful poem I have ever got from someone. someone who is far away but he is always there for me. Thanks to batman. you are the sweetest man I've ever known

The Angel and I

Inspired by The Angel

I sit and down
Pray to God hoped the Angel will come at dawn
But the Angel never came at dawn
Then I'm drowned

I keep my faith
Without sound the Angel come to contemplate my face
The Angel never come at dawn
The Angel come at the dark

Then The Angel lend I the light
Lights were God's words

I ask the name, but The Angel afraid
I ask about The Angel, but The Angel afraid
Cause I am stranger
Cause I am outsider
Cause I am nothing

I found the spirit in The Angel
I found the laugh in The Angel
I found the tears in The Angel
I found the dreams in The Angel
I found the everything in The Angel

I not only scared but also afraid
I not only happy but also sad
Happy like in the heaven
Sad like in the earth

In The Angel eyes I see the water, sky, fire, light
Water in tears
Sky in dream
Fire in spirit
Light in heart

I  don't  ask The Angel to give I love
I don't  ask The Angel to give I heart
I don't  ask The Angel to give I mercy
I don't ask The Angel to give I care
I don't ask The Angel to give I place
I don't ask The Angel yet

Then I know The Angel don't give but gift
Then I know The Angel heart is 
I just ask The Angel 
Can I become your wings?

So I can make The Angle fly to the highest of dream
So I can make adventure with The Angel
So I can see like The Angel see
So I can be someone or may be something 

The Angel still lay in God hands
The Angel still lay in the other hands
Then Angel lay I in God hands
But I don't know why?

That I know I see The Angel
That I know I want to be The Angel's wings
That I know  The Angel don't give but gift
That I know God lay the beauty both in The Angel heart and face

I hope The Angel see what I  heart see
I hope The Angel dream what I dream 
I hope The Angel, but not yet.............

Will The Angel see what I heart feel?
I want to know 
Or The Angel don't want to know
But not yet

I just put The Angel in God's hands
To keep The Angel in light

Will The Angel put down I?
Will The Angel love I?
Will The Angel forget I?
Will The Angel want to know I?
Will The Angel believe in I?
I don't know
Only The Angel and God knows

That I know I want the adventure with The Angel 

That I know I just want to be The Angel wings now
Can I ?

-my Batman-
Timbul Jaya Aruan

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Audit class

this is my classmate in class AUDIT 2
I love this class

Amelia Chintia Devi day

❤ Happy birthday amelia chintia devi  21th
❤ my best 
❤ don't be sad 
❤ keep strong 
❤ Allah bless you dear 
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